Joey O’Gorman is concerned with contemporary posthumanist discourses that trace the deep interpenetration of disparate spheres – from social to geodynamic and evolutionary to mystical. In multiple media he grasps at the elusive forms of vitally compenetrating ecologies and the impossibly complex topologies of affect. Environmental collapse, social depredation and economic absurdity frame a call for solidarity with others and resistance to the gathering spectres of authoritarianism and accelerationism.



To Imagine What Cares (IMAGINE! Belfast Festival of Ideas and Politics, exhibition and talk, Framework Gallery, February 2019).

Digital Arts Studios Residency Award (June 2018).

AMINI (Artists’ Moving Image Northern Ireland) Graduate Award (June 2018).

Platform Arts Graduate Award (June 2018).

Mapping Multivalent Ecologies and Undermining the Cage of Anthropocentric Sense (Belfast School of Art MFA Fine Art Degree Show 2018, June 2018), paper, Perspex, wax, steel, polystyrene sheeting, ink, slide projector, steel copper, cotton, card.

666 COMPRESS (Program Your Retroactive Wish, Catalyst Arts 25th Year Members Show,  May 2018), Sound piece (6min 37sec).

Memory Projection (Mount Florida Screenings 11, group film screening, CCA Glasgow, Febuary 2018), video (4min).

We were Posthuman (Exegesis, group show, Catalyst Arts, January 2018), video (9min 11sec), slide projector, light box, magnifying glass, wax, silicone.

History Experience and Delusion (How We Got Here, group show, Platform Arts, Belfast, May 2017), installation – wall texts, steel furniture, newspapers, video (6min 36sec), TV, DVD player, headphones, chairs, pamphlet.

Research Space Residency (Array Studios, Belfast, Jun-Aug 2016).

overcode experience on environment translate the morass of the world manifold ecology roiling substrate realm beyond kin orthogonal frameshift ephemeral assemblage multifaceted ferment shifting circumscription voids – pathological inbetweens – dissipative inertia (Gallimaufry, group show, Platform Arts, Belfast, May 2016), wall text.

DCAL: The first 10 years ‐ A Celebration (UCL, London. November 2015), exhibition design.

Drawing Life (Share Academy research collaboration with the Grant Museum of Zoology, Arts Council England funded, UCL, London, April 2014 – March 2015), participatory workshops.

Art and Science in the Age of Global Catastrophe (London LASER, symposium, Westminster University, London, June 2015), talk, discussion group.

Eights in the Octagon (Octagon Gallery, UCL, London, June 2015), exhibition design.

Malevolent Benevolent (Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB), group screening, Catalyst Arts, Belfast, May 2015), video (1min 48sec).

Archival Affects (MA Art and Science/Museum and Study Collection, Central St. Martins (UAL), London, February 2015), workshop..

Topographies of a Nested Soul (Vanishing Entities, group show, LimeWharf, London, November 2014), performance, (7min).

Terms of Engagement: when art meets science (Government Office for Science, London, October 2014), invited talk.

UCMS Timeline (UCL Medical School Hub, UCL, London, September 2014), mural.

Escape from Australia (Bentham Project, UCL, London, May 2014), exhibition design.

Largactyl Shuffle @ Science Museum LATES (CoolTan Arts/Science Museum, London, May‐August 2013), guided walk.

The History of British Sign Language (DCAL/UCL, London, July 2013), exhibition design.

Nonanonamourous (Bilderberg Fringe Festival, Watford, June 2013), participatory intervention.

Salving Successions and Ruptures with the Past (The Old Operating Theatre Museum, London, April 2013), performance and intervention.

Creativity and Science: Dispatches from the Art World (SciBar, Oxford, February 2013), invited talk.

Material Matters (MA Art and Science/UCL Science and Engineering Collections, UCL, London, December 2012), workshop.