AHB2017 documentation

Video Documentation 3min 20sec

Light Lines in the Hills (2016), video, full length 2min 51sec (1min 20sec extract).

History, Experience and Delusion (2017), video installation, full length 6min 36sec (1min 20sec extract), wall texts (ink and paint), steel furniture, newspapers, TV, DVD player, 2X headphones, 2X chairs, paper pamphlet.

History, Experience and Delusion (2017), accompanying text for video extract.

Essays in Radical Empiricism

William James

President’s Address before the American Psychological Association, Philidelphia Meeting, December 1904.

Experience of Activity

“Activity, so far as we merely feel it, on the other hand, is only an impression of ours, it may be maintained; and an impression is, for all this way of thinking, only a shadow of another fact… …Sustaining, persevering, striving, paying with effort as we go, hanging on, and finally achieving or intention – this is action, this is the effectuation in the only shape which by a pure

experience-philosophy, the whereabouts of it anywhere can be discussed. Here is creation in its first intention, here is causality at work… …To treat this offhand as the bare illusory surface of the world whose real causality is an unimaginable principle hidden in the cubic deeps, is, for the more empirical way of thinking, only animism in another shape.

You explain your given fact by your ‘principle’, but the principle itself, when you look clearly at it, turns out to be nothing but a previous little spiritual copy of the fact…” p69