2015-ongoing Co-director, Catalyst Arts, Belfast.

2015-ongoing MFA Fine Art (part-time), Ulster University, Belfast.

May 2017 History, Experience and Delusion (video installation), Now we got here (group show), Platform Arts, Belfast.

Jun-Aug 2016 Residency, Array studios, Belfast.

May 2016 overcode… (wall text), Gallimaufry (group show), Platform Arts, Belfast.

Jun 2015 Art and Science in the Age of Global Catastrophe, London LASER, London.

May 2015 Malevolent Benevolent (video/1min 48sec), Generate (group show), Catalyst Arts, Belfast.

2012-2015 Research affiliate, MA Art and Science, Central St Martins (UAL).

Sep-Dec 2014 Drawing Life (participatory events), Grant Museum of Zoology, London.

Nov 2014 Topographies of a Nested Soul (performance), Vanishing Entities, LimeWharf, London.

Oct 2014 Terms of Engagement: when art meets science, GO Science, London.

Sep 2014 UCMS Timeline (mural), UCL Medical School Hub, London.

Jun 2013 Nonanonamourous (intervention), Bilderberg Fringe Festival, Watford.

Apr 2013 Salving Successions and Ruptures with the Past (performance), The Old Operating Theatre Museum, London.

Feb 2013 Creativity and Science: Dispatches from the Art World, SciBar, Oxford.