Nonanonamourous (Fringe of Bilderberg)

Nonanonamourous drawing


Concerns of the fringe of the Fringe of Bilderberg 2013

“We’re tired of trees. We should stop believing in trees, roots, and radicles. They’ve made us suffer too much. All of arborescent culture is founded on them, from biology to linguistics. Nothing is beautiful or loving or political aside from underground stems and aerial root, adventitious growths and rhizomes.” Gilles Deleuze, A Thousand Plateaus: capitalism and schizophrenia.

The Bilderberg group is a long standing, closed door, talking shop which is attended by leaders of industry, finance and politics. Every year an exclusive group of influential players are invited to attend a clandestine conference in a heavily guarded, previously secret, location. Recent years have seen the group acknowledge their own existence and publicise the meeting’s agendas. Global economics, new technologies, and foreign affairs which impact on the US and Europe dominate the programme. There has been a long tradition of ‘conspiracy theorists’ denouncing the organisation, with some concerned that the group represents a secretive cabal of industrialists who seek to control the world’s resources and others who fear the establishment of a world government. The secretive nature of the discussions fuel these concerns and many question the legitimacy of allowing financiers and industrialists such exclusive access to elected governmental officials without any oversight.

Many would like to protest against the potential for abuses of power and the inappropriateness of our elected officials attending these events. In recent years a few committed individuals have been able to coordinate press activities and in 2013 the first Bilderberg Fringe Festival was held. This event sought to raise awareness of the Bilderberg group’s activities and voice concerns. It was attended by a wide range of speakers, concerned citizens, activists and alternative media providers. As a contributor to the arts program, I collected the varied stories of those attending the festival and attempted to draw out the connections between their multifaceted interests. Our conversations were open and free, and reflected the plurality of the demonstrators’ passions relating to our environment, our personal security and our communal well-being.

I constructed diagrams which laid bare the variety of subjects discussed and these developed and evolved over the course of the meeting as. This content directed drawings which traced the diametric opposition between the wants expressed in our open discussion and the perceived agenda of the corporate-political complex elite. The promotion of the interests of the powerful and the imposition of their will on others through rigid inhumane structures is resisted and undermined by the creative, mystical, and loving actions of those who seek defend the oppressed and act as stewards for our future generations. My thinking at the time was also influenced by Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, ‘The Network of Global Corporate Control’ Vitali et al, and the philosophies of Deleuze and Guattari.

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P1060071 1000px

A whiteboard was used to record the concerns (listed below) of the Bilderberg fringe, and to explore the connections between the various issues in conversation with Bilderberg protesters. These thoughts are reflected upon in the drawings below and above.

P1060052 1000px

P1060054 1000px

Bilderberg drawing005 1000px


Bilderberg drawing010

Bilderberg drawing009

Bilderberg drawing011

Bilderberg drawing012


Particular Concerns of the Bilderberg Fringe Festival 2013

Corporate-political complex (Fascism).

GMOs affecting the environment, and use in animal foods.

Patenting of genetic information.

Social underwriting of financial industry.

Legislative abuse.

Unbalanced press.

Fracking and off-shore drilling, lack of environmental protection.

Privatisation of health and security services.

Energy dominance.

Dehumanising categorisation of individuals.

Abuse of legal systems.

Manipulation of society by media industry.

Undermining of democratic movements.

Transparency and honesty.

Open Source.

Corporate accountability.

Environmental protection.

Empathy and compassion in democracy.

Independent News.

Open Education.

Individual choice.

Freedom of beliefs and practices.

Surveillance and harassment.

“Slavery was never abolished, it was only reduced to eight hours a day”.

“When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either quit being mistaken or cease to be honest.” – Abraham Lincoln.

Chatham House Rule (Bilderberg, SWP etc etc).

Archons, lack of empathy.

Corporate lobbying and influence dominating democratic social concerns.

Private security firms, Blackwater etc.

Computer games etc preparing people for a controlled world.

Social engineering.

Previous civilisations, pulling strings, humans seeded by civilisations from the Moon and Mars; government propaganda about the space program fictionalised to cover up our origins.

Vaccination – negative influence of governmental choice over personal choice.

White Dragon Society.

Benjamin Fulford (Forbes), contrary to new world order. 

Lord Blackheath, Foundation Xoffered to pay off the West’s debt. High level confidence scam?

Trans National Corporation interconnectivity. Who are the individuals moving through the “Core” TNCs?

Tavistock Institute.

RAND corporation “Delphi method” steering and influencing a democratic meeting, feed info to the chair, manipulators/facilitators.

Common Purpose, group NLP, trains future leaders of the world.

Bringing people together to affect global change. Non-violent resistance “first they ignore you, then they laugh at you and hate you , then they fight you, then you win” Ghandi first they ignore you then they laugh at you and hate you then they fight you then you win ghandi.

Cyclical mythologies, i.e. Revelations about the Romans and concurrent histories, can be applied to contemporary history or the future.

Open minded education, critical thinking, and expansive, non-restrictive curriculum.

Controlling secret societies through satanic sex rituals.

Human energy, energy is all.

“False flags”, from the Gulf of Tonkin incident to 911.

Disproportionate attention in press to important issues which undermine the legitimacy of big business etc.

Lack of democracy, hypocrisy in foreign policy.

Individuals not supported by law or have a voice in affecting legislation, lack of justice and legitimisation of legal shenanigans ie phoenixing companies.

Fear of terrorism linked to restriction of civil liberties.

Intimidation of protesters.

Manipulation of public perception of activism (why? agenda?).

Movie and music industry, ignorance/lack of morals, over sexualisation of youth.

Manipulation of the press by the rich and powerful.

MK Ultra mind control in Hollywood, Scientology etc.

Persecution of Lauren Hill by media elites.

Increasing popular media coverage of Bilderberg (David Ike in the Sun).

Rosa Parks, little things that go on to have large consequences.

Concerns over food processing linked to cancer etc.

Fear of not having enough leading to dishonest behaviour for securing self-interests.

Is humanity inherently loving or fearful?

How much are people’s behaviours altered by parasitic/commensal organisms?


Untouchable elites.

Concerns for future generations – environmental, health, financial etc.

Transhumanist clash, imposing new technologies on the population, potential for schism with non-adapted.

Critical mass of awareness approaching due to alternative medias.

Chem-Trails and secret Geo-engineering tests.


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