Topographies of a Nested Soul (Limewarf)

DSC_0010 struct 5

DSC06367 space 1

DSC_0017 struct 8

splitting – merging – ordering – disordering / Symmetry / Asymmetry / static – block – dynamic – afford / Energise / Insulate / crystallise – melt – evaporate – condense

flow and phase change; restructuring and developing; space and opportunity; splitting fuels transformation; blocking, buffering, controlling.

different names, different views, a quickening of meaning that destroys another. Flip flopping from good to bad, to pointless… at once a vehicle, at once an obstacle. Context hinges on the interface between orthogonal planes, tangents intersect and seed interstitial openings.

feed, build, repair, adapt, evolve. Sacrifice, break, decay, extinction, annihilation.

crystalline orders radiate and mutate, reorder perpetuates.

the birth of one out of the extinction of another. Breaking, fuelling, one killed one sustained.

the turd tumblers generative graft nurturing a rich substrate for birth.

a landscape enriched with diversity, primed to react to unforeseen events, ripe for evolution. Random walks that escape deathly repetition open up new territories for evolutionary possibility – creation born on the back of extinction.

the grit, the piquant, the epicurean clinamen, chance fuelled events, seed trains of flight that disrupt, confound, annihilate.

objects extend through multiple planes of existence, looping away from their relative locales, returning from alien forays which vary their rate and directions of change.

dissipative structures, operating far from equilibrium open to the flow of energy and matter, crenulate and complexify – finer and finer systems crowding space so as to maximise change.

crystalline borders, frictional interfaces, energy gradients and generative fields hem in and push on self-ordering emergent processes and qualities.

breathing, autophagic, homeostasis, reacting, adapting, developing, decaying, dying.

obliterating fissures rent communities, annihilating populations, severing lineages, and driving succession.

anthropogenic supra-entities are forging futures beyond mortal control, locked into pathological repetition, a malignant vampiric feasting buoyed by the compliant domesticated human species.

DSC_0020 merging

DSC06373 merging 4

DSC06376 splitting 3

DSC_0021 splitting 1




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