Some video elements, free from installation.

Jun-Aug 2016 Object Beliefs, research residency, Array studios, Belfast.

May 2016 overcode experience on environment translate the morass of the world manifold ecology roiling substrate realm beyond kin orthogonal frameshift ephemeral assemblage multifaceted ferment shifting circumscription voids – pathological inbetweens – dissipative inertia, Gallimaufry, group show at Platform Arts, Belfast.

May 2015 Malevolent Benevolent, video, Generate (group show), Catalyst Arts, Belfast.

Nov 2014 Topographies of a Nested Soul, performance for Vanishing Entities at Limewharf, London.

Jun 2013 Nonanonamourous, an intervention using diagrammatics to explore the concerns of activists attending the Bilderberg Fringe Festival, Watford.

Apr 2013 Salving Successions and Ruptures with the Past, performative lecture examining non-linear histories of nineteenth century medical discoveries, The Old Operating Theatre Museum, London.

Art and Science activities

Jun 2015 “Art and Science in the Age of Global Catastrophe”, participatory talk, London LASER, London.

Feb 2015 “Art and Science “,seminar, King’s College London.

Feb 2015 “Archival Affects”, participatory intervention, Museum and Study Collection, Central St Martins (UAL), London.

Oct 2014 “Terms of Engagement: when art meets science”, talk, Government Office for Science, London.

Jan 2014 – Mar 2015 Drawing Life, Share Academy  (Arts Council England) residency and public workshops, Grant Museum of Zoology, UCL, London.

May-Aug 2013 “Largactyl Shuffle @ Science Museum LATES”, guided walks (co-creator), CoolTan Arts, London.

Feb 2013 “Creativity and Science: Dispatches from the Art World”, talk, SciBar, Oxfordshire Branch of the British Science Association, Oxford.

Dec 2012 “Material Matters”, object handling workshop, UCL Science and Engineering Collections, London.

Nov-Dec 2012 “Scientists Talking”, seminar series convener, MA Art and Science, Central St Martins (UAL), London.

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